Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Pyramid Medical is always working to be your medical billing company of choice. Our experienced medical billing professionals are dedicated to providing premium medical billing services; supporting your needs through open communication, in-depth reporting and patient support. But that's just the beginning. To be your first choice in medical billing services, we guarantee:

Daily claims generation for faster reimbursement

Our medical billing services include daily insurance claim generation for faster insurance reimbursement and a closer eye on results.

Daily review of EOBs and immediate follow-up on secondary claims and appeals

With our approach to total medical claim billing management, we review EOBs daily, immediately following up to ensure maximum reimbursement.

Daily aging reports on all unpaid claims

If claims are rejected, we know right away and immediately begin working to address the cause of the rejection for efficient resubmission.

100% claims payment is our goal

Many medical billing services are satisfied with 80% or 90% of your claims reimbursed—we aim for ALL of claims to be processed successfully. We continually seek out ways to improve together, always aiming for perfection.

100% follow-up on unpaid or rejected claims

If you've provided a covered service, there's no reason why the claim should not be paid. We'll fight for your best interests in getting payment on EVERY submission.

OIG and HIPAA compliance

Pyramid maintains a comprehensive compliance program meeting all HIPAA requirements and supporting the recommendations of the OIG.